Invitation to Opening Reception at gallery23

Featuring Artists Bruce A. Milner and Don Howell

Please note this invitation includes a free concert with donations going to the Waterfront Preservation Association

Bruce “House” Milner  “Rounding the End”

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming exhibition of paintings by Bruce A. Milner and Don Howell. Both these artists are exceptional at capturing on canvas a world where Lake Erie, the fishermen and tugs that work on the lake are worthy of a closer, admiring look. The show “First Lift of the Spring” is a collection of paintings and carvings that draw us into the fishing and marine culture that so many of us have been connected with through the years.

 The show runs May 11 to June 18th with the opening reception on Friday, May 12, 7-9 p.m.

“House” has also offered to host a musical concert of nautical and fishing tunes on Saturday, June 3rd, 2:00-3:30. This will be a free concert with any donations going to the Waterfront Preservation Association. Everyone is welcome so come on out and join us for a fun, musical afternoon surrounded by wonderful art!

 Gallery23 will also feature greeting cards with fabulous pictures of lakeside scenes by Michael Leedale.

 Hope to see you,

Mac and Janet


Silver Lake Has Huge Impact on Port Dover

MEMORIES shared by delightful Peter Perch who is well known for his humour ” Something’s Fishy”

At one time, Goosey Island was surrounded by Silver Lake. The water tower, at right above, was in the parck on Main St. North at St. Andrew Street.

At one time, Goosey Island was surrounded by Silver Lake. The water tower, at right above, was in the park on Main St. North at St. Andrew Street.

Article copied from the Port Dover Mapleleaf, Issue Wednesday March 1, 2017

SILVER Lake has been a hot topic in the papers lately, and so it should be. It’s an iconic piece of Port Dover. I knew it as my playground. When I was young, it was where I would hang out. We would create hockey rinks on it, and spend endless days swimming in it. Heck, to celebrate our grade 8 graduation we even skinny dipped off the dam.

We used to hang out at “Fletcher’s,” not sure why it was called that, but it was right near the CNR train station. There was a tree there, a big rope, and we would swim there all day. A lot of us guys had our first kiss there. Our biggest concern was not the girls, but the alleged snapping turtles that lurked below the depths.

Silver Lake was not initially a lake, but a dam. It is actually a river held up by the dam to power industries down river. We used it as a short cut in winter to go to my buddy’s house, Dave Buck who lived on Prospect Hill. I still remember the fright of listening to the ice crack as we crossed the lake.

 Some years the ice didn’t freeze over, and the actual river was exposed. One year Dave’s dog ran down to the ice and fell into the river. He couldn’t get back up on the slippery ice. We all ran down to help.

We were probably 12 or 13 years old. My friend Billy “Bung” Laing jumped on the ice to help the dog, but the ice dipped and he fell in. Fortunately the dog was able to climb up on the dipped ice floe and Bung as well.

Silver Lake was also used as a place for swimming lessons. I enrolled in the course. It was just off the Ivey plant. One day I invited my friend to watch me. I was quite proud of myself, though I couldn’t yet swim. Many of my co-swimmers were doing all kinds of “mermaid” like exercises into the depths of Silver Lake and I felt challenged so I thought I had to do something different, though “Dog Paddling” was my level of swimming skills.

I wanted to show off for my buddy. There was a rope, to make sure no one went too deep into the lake. That was my goal. I dove in and swam under water and popped up with my arms in the air, and my head under water. I proceeded to walk towards the rope, with my head still under water; not realizing I had swam past the rope. I was heading into the depths of Silver Lake!

Suddenly, just as I was out of breath, this “man” (Steve Anstee), who was probably 18, and fully clothed, grabbed me and pulled me to the surface. I will never forget it.

Silver Lake has had a huge impact on Port Dover. We should never let that go.



 2017 is shaping up to be a busy year for your Association. We’re excited with the work you’re about to see on the Misner Dam. We’ll be seeking out community input into the revitalization of one of our community’s landmarks, Silver Lake.

We continue to encourage community involvement and anticipate your support of our activities. Please join us at the Theatre, Wednesday, November 23rd at 7pm.


Please be advised that our seventh Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Port Dover Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Long Bar Lounge. Market Street Entrance. Cash bar opens at 6:30pm.

We hope to keep the necessary business portion of the gathering to a minimum so we can share the latest in what’s happening with our community waterfront issues: For example, are you wondering about

  1. What’s going on at our Harbour Marina?
  2. Who’s the new PDHM Boss?
  3. Who’s refurbishing the Dam? When’s it going to start? What’s it going to look like?
  4. Are we keeping anything of the Old Dam?
  5. So what then about Silver Lake? Are there plans to refurbish it? What about dredging?
  6. What’s it all going to cost and who pays???
  7. Hear our community success story about our Lighthouse! What happened, how, and who paid for it.

The meeting will include

  • a financial report and our year-end review
  • Motions that have been submitted for the AGM will addressed and voted on.
  • Notice of Bylaw Change: Your Association Board of Directors is recommending changes to the Association Bylaws to increase Board membership from five Directors, to seven or more, as deemed necessary. As well, the clause limiting service of a Director to a maximum of five years is to be deleted. Full details will be provided at the AGM.The Association’s By-Laws state that Director elections occur annually and that a minimum of three Directors are required to retire each year, but may seek re-election.  Should a person wish to put forward a name as candidate for Director, please notify the Association Secretary by Wednesday, November 16, 2016.  Should a person be interested for future consideration as a Director, please contact any Director.

If you have any motions that you would like the membership to consider, please submit them to the Secretary, Paul Lipsit by November 16, 2016. The mover and seconder must be stipulated. If you are unable to attend the AGM, please contact the Secretary for a Proxy Form for completion and submission.  Members may thereby appoint another member to vote on their behalf.

 Attendees may renew or sign up for membership at the AGM.  If this is not convenient, a cheque in the amount of $20.00/member, payable to the PDWPA, may be mailed to the Association Secretary.

Please note that the final membership renewal date for the upcoming year 2017 is April 30, 2017.

Paul Lipsit, PDWPA Secretary,

3 West Dale Ave.  Port Dover, ON  N0A 1N4




Lake Lisgar Continues to Lead The Way!

11856497_10206711361970286_6783086177986272792_oHow the World changes on a dime! It would appear that the gears of bureaucracy grind slower depending on where one lives!

In conversation with Frank Kempf of Tillsonburg, leader of the group who led the beautiful man-made lake project which has resulted in the amazing Lake Lisgar, it was our very own Silver Lake that sparked their original idea. This idea and vision clearly illustrates what a committed group of ordinary citizens can accomplish with a strong vision for the future and support from the community and ministries working together in a collaborative way!

Kudos are in order. Below, is a copy of an article published August 25 on page 2 in the Norfolk News . Lake Lisgar is a multifaceted recreational lake that provides local residents with accessible fishing, sailing, canoeing and other water sports in a beautiful venue just like Silver Lake before the logs were removed from our dam. They apparently have run into no road blocks keeping their lake clean and dredged.

Well Done Lake Lisgar!

Well Done Lake Lisgar! We encourage our readers  to check out the website for Lake Lisgar Water Park Tillsonburg!


A Picture Says A Thousand Words

A Picture Says A Thousand Words


On behalf of “The Friends of Silver Lake”, we want to express our appreciation for the vote at Council last Tuesday to repair the Misner Dam. We know that two Councilors did not vote in the affirmative as It may have seemed to them that this was a Port Dover issue only and tax monies would be better spent on issues that affect us county wide.

The issue of Misner Dam has county wide impact and is not the “Hobby Horse” of a small group of interested local residents whose properties back onto the lake! For that reason, we are promoting ONE INCLUSIVE SOLUTION!

We welcome the Anglers and will work with them to support their ideas for creating a fishing dock and stocking the lake with fish for their enjoyment. Lake Lisgar in Tillsonburg is a perfect example of how one inclusive solution can meet the needs of special interest groups. There you will see fishermen casting from the shore line or from rowboats or from wheel chairs on a board walk dock. You will see young children sailing by in small sail boats and birders and wild life photographers maneuvering canoes through grassy wetland areas. We also need solutions that are inclusive and respect the interests of all the special interest groups.

We welcome the Rowers : All funds raised from the Dragon Boat races went to the Norfolk General Hospital, a facility that serves the whole County. We contacted Jim Dover former head of the Port Dover Rowing Association and asked him whether the rowing was an activity that only had impact in Port Dover. His response was as follows:

” Our adult “learn to row program” also raised funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation another organization serving the County.. In fact, I was contacted last week about the possibility of resuming this partnership. As for university scholarships, the athletes who earned scholarships were from Port Dover as well as Normandale, Port Ryerse and Burford. However, others that competed elsewhere across Canada were also from Waterford, Scotland, Simcoe, Port Rowan. I think that a very telling fact is that during our club’s existence we received support from community groups such as the Lions, Kinsmen and Rotary Clubs from across the County including Simcoe and Waterford. Another aspect is that our adult recreational rowing program attracted many people from the Hamilton area and our high school regattas attracted over 500 people (parents and athletes) each year from the Niagara Region and southwestern Ontario.”

We welcome the “Day Trippers” the “Trail Racers:, the babies in prams, the dogs, geo cachers, the kids lying on their bellies on the dock with their minnow nets, the pickup hockey games in the winter and the skaters!

In Summary: You made the right decision last week to proceed with the repair! You will be having a second vote in the coming week.



Silver Lake Wins in a 6-2 vote!


Be sure to turn up your speakers, click on the link, put your hand over your heart and enjoy. Thank you Tim Warris and your Bossman Bryn for a truly awesome commemorative signature flight on a very special day in our history!

Seven long years and a decision has been made! And it was the right decision at last –  one that is not about money, power or politics. Norfolk Council made the only decision they could that would address public safety, wild life preservation of endangered species, lifestyle and recreational activities and tourism in our area! It was a decision that respected the vision of the Port Dover Lions Club who own and maintain the magnificent Silver Lake Park. Today, we must recognize the eloquence of our Mayor Charlie Luke and our Council Representative John Wells. They both spoke from  head and heart in a compelling way to summarize the essential issues at stake in Port Dover. This was not about fixing or not fixing yet another dam dam. It was all about who we are, why we live here and why people visit in this unique area.

Thank you to all our hardworking members who have hung in for the long ride and for those who are new to the cause and ready to roll up their sleeves as we move forward.



Silver Lake Afire

Silver Lake Afire

A message on behalf of the Port Dover Waterfront Association

Since 2010 we have been advocating the repair of Misner Dam and the restoration of Silver Lake. For six years we have waited for a path forward. We have elected a Mayor dedicated to making it happen. The MNR has come round to the viewpoint that something near-term has to be done. 

 Finally, we have coming before Council this coming Tuesday a report to lay out options. 

 Please check out the staff report attached. It will be the subject of Council discussion this coming Tuesday. (The Stantec consulting report itself is treated as “draft” so it has not been shared.) Tuesday evening there will be three deputations from citizens and then Misner Dam will be the first of staff reports. Although the meeting this coming Tuesday will start at 4 pm the agenda notes that Misner Dam will not be discussed until after 5, so coming for 5 pm would seem to be indicated.

If you care about the repair of Misner Dam and the restoration of Silver Lake, PLEASE COME OUT! This is a critical moment to get our Lake back. Council needs to know the citizens of Port Dover care deeply about their Lake and only your presence at Council puts that across. 

 Shirley and Roland Cawthorne will be handing out SAVE SILVER LAKE stickers at the door. Pick one up to show your support!

Staff Rpt Misner Dam April 5 2016

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