Silver Lake Heaven

Thank you Tracybphotography! You have captured “Heaven” in our own little space on earth. Getting to keep it here will cost money. With help from our landmark local businesses, generous residents,  visitors, and corporate sponsors,  we will preserve heaven on Ontario’s south coast for future generations.


From the Friends Of Silver Lake  (A sub-committee of the Port Dover Waterfront Enhancement Association)

On February 27, 2012  the Erie Beach Hotel sponsored a charity fund raiser for Port Dover Composite School and for the Friends of Silver Lake.

The Friends of Silver Lake  thank Andrew  Schneider and the Erie Beach employees for a wonderful dinner and evening where we  reminisced and shared our stories about Silver Lake over an amazing pickerel buffet dinner! We also thank the Norfolk community members who supported this event. 

Committee members Peter Slamen and Diane Leaker were on hand to receive a cheque for $1775 presented by Doug Long on behalf of the Schneider Family.

It is clear that local businesses recognize the importance of Silver Lake as a key resource for tourism and economic development in Norfolk. 

Together as a community we must save the lake to honour our heritage, for the enjoyment  of our families and friends and as our gift to future generations.

Erie Beach Community Fundraiser



Silver Lake
A magnificent dharma place where sky and lake are one!

We are truly blessed with the wonderful volunteers and supporters of Silver Lake. Thanks to the generosity of  one of our Facebook Friends, an amazing local photographer, we have been given approval to feature her pictures of the Lake in our materials and our website.  Even though we are mourning the lake during its gradual decline, our Facebook friend Ski Alot of Traceybphotography is a true artist who can still find and reproduce the beauty of our Lake that we carry in our souls and memories.  Be sure to visit her website and let her know how much we appreciate her gift!


Friends of Silver Lake got their motors running in anticipation of the April Friday 13 event in Port


Dover. Thanks to the enthusiastic leadership of local resident, Judy Malpass, 30 volunteers were involved at short notice to launch a “bucket brigade” as a kick-start for fundraising for the Silver Lake restoration project!

This event brought in over $800 dollars. We thank  area residents and our visitors in leathers for their generosity!  While this is only the beginning of a number of fundraising activities planned over the next year, it represents the commitment of our community to do whatever it takes to rescue our Lake. In speaking to Judy about how she managed to pull this off with only 2 weeks lead time, her first response was “THE VOLUNTEERS, we can’t do anything without the volunteers!”

Judy, on behalf of The Friends of Silver Lake Committee would like to say a special thank you to the following people who moved mountains to help her with organizational details: David Knechtel,  Paul Morris , John Rundle , Jan,  Cara, Cathy, Marie, and Linda. Your resources and special talents are greatly appreciated.  We also want to thank the wonderful merchants who welcomed volunteers to stand with buckets on their property. And last but not least, this event  would not have been possible without the volunteers  who provided the manpower to cover three hour shifts.

Judy and the committee have learned a lot from this event and are now welcoming ideas for the upcoming Friday 13 in July. Don’t be shy about putting an idea forward.  We will be dredging the lake one scoop at a time and every  idea large or small will help raise the water level.  

The Friends of Silver Lake Committee have been working diligently in the background to create a strategic and operational plan to get our Lake back. We will be keeping Silver Lake in the news with regular updates on meetings with the Ministry of Natural Resources, our Council and our fundraising activities. A partnership with Norfolk County, the Ministry and our community will be key to our success.


Where time and space become one!


Now is the time for the community to rally together and show what we can do with a compelling view of our future!

The MNR is at this moment reviewing the application from the municipality to repair the dam. While major reinforcement is required, it will not require a complete rebuild – our ancestors from previous generations believed in “building strong”! Those hardy fore bearers have passed the mantle on to our 2012 community. Well to be more specific, to you & I . When there is something important to be done, we need to realize it has to become personal.   Those early pioneers relied on each other, not a bureaucratic  organization to get the job done. This is our legacy and each one of us who has found the lake a place where we have discovered ourselves in its reflective waters or in the eyes of a significant other in the back of canoe under the watchful eyes of a great blue heron, are needed now to carry this legacy on. 

The municipality will fix the dam. The community will dredge the lake. There is a plan to sustain this work so that we only need to raise community dollars to dredge the lake once.

We need to raise a million dollars. We will raise a million dollars. We will be successful. It may take us 5 years but we can dredge the lake in phases. An old riddle “how do you eat an elephant:  Answer: one bite at a time”. It’s time to start taking our bites.

Over the next few weeks we will be making suggestions for how people can help. But we also are asking you also to come forward with your own ideas Stay tuned. In the meantime, please read yesterday’s post with a request for help from Judy Malpass.

I have heard one of our old timers say more than once

“if Dover needs’er, Dover’ll do’er”.

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