Harmony on Silver Lake

Meeting with Ministries

While all appears calm on Silver Lake this lovely spring evening, the relaxed scene in no way reflects the activity of our Directors from the Port Dover Waterfront Enhancement Association. They have been running at top speed in recent days following up on all the bureaucratic details  that must be attended to in order to keep the project top of mind with various ministries and the municipality.   While small steps have been taken, all positive news is cause to share and celebrate.

For your information, key executive members of the Friends of Silver Lake Committee met last week with 2 representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources, 2 reps from Long Point Region Conservation Authority and 1 rep from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The rep from the Ministry of Environment was unable to meet but did provide comments by mail regarding our draft plan for the Lake.

And the results were:

  • The group in attendance made favourable comments regarding our draft plan!
  • The MNR reps did not identify any “show stoppers” from their perspective at this point Phase 1 and Phase 2.!
  • We were advised that the Ministry of the Environment would be our first contact point for any work related to the restoration of Silver Lake. For that reason, it was suggested that it would be worthwhile for the Friends of Silver Lake to meet separately with the Ministry of Environment to clarify expectations regarding next steps!

Still to be resolved: There is still the issue of the dam – a separate issue yet to be determined by MNR – and also the question of silt contamination which is a MOE issue.  The County has provided the MNR with additional information regarding their application to repair Misner Dam and  MNR is currently reviewing this information. We have been cautioned that this is an “iterative process” that may require some more “back and forths” between the MNR and County before the MNR is able to rule on the County’s request for a permit.

The FOSL team is in process of arranging a separate meeting with  the Ministry of Environment as soon as possible. Following this meeting, we will plan next steps.

Other good news

We are in receipt of a report from the Municipality on the Quality of Water in the Lynn River System. The link to the full report is provided below.

For those of us who are not water techies, we can be pleased to know that we now have a comprehensive water quality testing program in Norfolk and it is working well!

The Simcoe Waste-water Treatment Facility (WWTF) has recently undergone capital upgrades in order to increase the rated capacity of the facility.  On November 10, 2010 the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) issued Certificate of Approval # 6612-8AEJ93.  This certificate increased the rated capacity of Simcoe WWTF to 15,400 m3/day.  It also specifies the sampling/monitoring requirements for the effluent from the WWTF.

On April 14, 2011, the MOE issued an amendment to Certificate of Approval # 6612-8AEJ93.  This Certificate of Approval amendment requires the implementation of a Lynn River Water Quality Monitoring Plan.  The plan was prepared by R.V. Anderson Associates Ltd and has been approved by the MOE.  This plan has established the following monitoring requirements as a condition of the Certificate of Approval for the Simcoe WWTF:

Water Quality Monitoring

Sampling at 5 locations along the Lynn River :

  •  one upstream of the Simcoe WWTF
  •  one at the Simcoe WWTF effluent outfall, and
  •  three at downstream locations.

Each location is to be sampled 5 times each year:

  • once in the winter
  • once in the spring
  • once in the summer during a period of ‘normal’ stream flow
  • once in the summer during a period of ‘low’ stream flow, and
  • once in the fall.

The County will be working with industries that may be contributing to pollutants in the waste water system to ensure everyone is taking all steps necessary to improve our environment.  For a full story, please click on the link below: For some reason that is a mystery, when you click on the link it takes you to another section and you need to click again.



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