St. Cecelia’s Catholic Women’s League May 16, 2012

Photo by Gordon Leaker

The Catholic Women’s League of St. Cecelia’s, Port Dover. gathered at their last general meeting for the season on Wednesday May 16. Visiting guest, Diane Leaker, delivered a note of appreciation on behalf of the Friends of Silver Lake. The FOSL group were delighted by the unexpected news that the CWL was awarding the proceeds of a special charity Bingo Fund Raiser to the Silver Lake Restoration Fund in the amount of $560.00.  The CWL is well known in Port Dover for their support of schools, hospital and other worthy causes.

When asked why Silver Lake Restoration had been selected by the group, Chair Maureen Rossitter opened the floor to the group. The women were passionate in their responses:

  •  “Our Motto is About God and Canada. That includes our Community here in Port Dover”
  • ” We are a sisterhood that supports worthy causes in our community.”
  • ” Silver Lake is our heritage.”
  • ” Silver Lake is our community and our identity.”
  • “Silver Lake is the subject of our local poetry, stories and music.”
  • ” One of our young people received a university scholarship because the lake provided opportunity for rowing as a recreational activity.”
  • “We moved here to be close to the wildlife and water related activity in the wetlands and the lake.”
  • ” Our economic development depends on it. ” 

The CWL has 103 paid up members. They have a mission and it comes through loud and clear  


It sure feels great to know that our community is behind us. But then, that is Port Dover and why people come back to live here after finding the grass is not so green in other places!  By the way, this following photo posted by Tim Warriss this week is a reminder that we need to get the water back in the Lake.

Tim calls this picture “8 of 11”.  He comments ” This brood of ducklings is 11 strong, here are a few of the more independent ones poking at the mud in Silver Lake.

8 OF 11

Okay, you think Tim may be exaggerating that Mom has 11 offspring. His attention to detail means he stuck around long enough to ensure these little ones were not going to get stuck in the mud. The rest of the sibs and Mom as well are in the next photo. He has added a catchy title to the shot! If you click twice on the photo, you will get the full screen view.

“The Whole Fam Damily”

By the way, we understand that not only ducks are getting stuck in the mud. We hear that a couple of adventurous children were exploring the evolving jungle that is developing in the wetlands. They were having difficulty getting out of the muck and needed adult help.


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