Mr. Mud Turtle on His Crazy Ride to Silver Lake Heaven

Our hearts will continue to ache for Silver Lake while Council reviews the Ministry of Resources requirement to undertake a  flood plain study prior to giving the go ahead on repairing the dam. Meanwhile native species fight for survival in Port Dover’s newest garbage dumping ground. Not much dignity here for the Mud Turtle now  riding on a broken plastic patio chair unaware of impending doom as the environment surrenders to slow deterioration.

Two updates regarding the restoration of Silver Lake:

1.       Regarding Norfolk County’s application to repair Misner Dam:

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) recently advised Norfolk County that the County’s application to repair Misner Dam that was submitted February 27, 2012 requires an Inflow Design Flood study and more detailed drawings related to the dam repair. This study will cost approximately $90,000 and take 6 to 8 months to complete. The attached report seeking Council’s approval for these funds will be presented to Council this Tuesday June 5th.


For those interested in attending the Tuesday Council meeting which will be discussing MNR’s insistance that an “Inflow Design Flood study ” be conducted, causing a “six to eight month delay”, here are the meeting particulars for tomorrow’s 5 pm meeting at Simcoe Council Chambers. https://norfolk.civicweb.net/Documents/DocumentList.aspx?ID=110635

2.       Regarding plans to restore Silver Lake:

A couple of weeks ago, the Friends of Silver Lake met with representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Long Point Region Conservation Authority to present the draft plans to restore Silver Lake prepared by the Friends of Silver Lake. We received positive feedback regarding our draft plan. No “show stoppers” were identified at the meeting. We were advised that the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) would be our first contact point for any work related to the restoration of Silver Lake.

Ron Keating and Jim Dover met with representatives of the MoE last Friday (June 1). We reviewed our draft plans to restore Silver Lake and answered some questions. No “show stoppers” were identified at the meeting. The MoE agreed to review the soil testing results performed by SNC Lavalin for Norfolk County to advise how the sediment removed from the bottom of Silver Lake could be moved and stored. If there is insufficient information, the MoE will advise what additional information will be required. We expect a response by early July.

Although we all would like to see things happening faster, at least we’re seeing movement in the right direction. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ron Keating (519 583-0827) or Jim Dover (519-426-5677).


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