More Delays, More Bureaucracy and More People Lining Up to Line Their Pockets

Misner Dam Photo by Helen Bingleman

For your information, on Norfolk County’s web site, available to public readership, is posted a “Misner Dam Status Update” prepared by Mr D’Hondt, General Manager, Public Works and Environmental Services, Norfolk County, as located by the following URL.

In this report Mr D’Hondt brings forward an updated cost estimate of $1.404 million for repairing Misner Dam; as well as a target date of March 29, 2013 for submitting a final Work Permit application to MNR.  Mr D’Hondt will be presenting this update and asking for permission to proceed accordingly at a “Council-in-Committee” hearing to be held this coming Tuesday November 6, commencing at 3 pm. This meeting is open to the public should you care to attend.

Editor’s note: Response to this announcement has not been received favourably by the Friends of Silver Lake. Losing a school, a lake and potentially a medical centre in one year has aroused a sense of cynicism in our populace. The impact on this little town is devastating – one of the milder comments we have received to date in response to the news can summarized as follows:

“If Vallee hasn’t figured out how to repair the Dam in 2 1/2 years get rid of him ….oh sorry he is retained by the County  …. the biggest ticket they have got !”

12-109 Report to Council


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