Media Release Issued December 10 by the County

Bird Reflecting on Silver Lake Winter 2012 byTim Warris

Bird Reflecting on Silver Lake Winter 2012 by
Tim Warris

This was issued by the County on Dec. 10, 2012.  Editor’s Note – this is posted exactly as released without editing for spelling.

Medial Release

 Monday, December 10, 2012

 Misner Dam – November 20th Meeting – Synopsis

The following is a brief synopsis of the Misner Dam project meeting held on Tuesday November 20, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. at the Norfolk County Administration Building in Simcoe.

Present at the meeting were the following individuals:

1.      Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)

·        Mitch Wilson (Aylmer)

·        Sherry Pineo (Aylmer)

·        David Johnston (Peterborough)

2.      Consultants:

·        Ryan Elliott (Vallee)

·        Jeff Daniels (Conestoga Rovers & Associates (CRA))

3.      County

·        Mayor Travale

·        Councillors:  John Wells, Rogers Geysens, Jim Oliver

·        Gary Houghton, Manager of Engineering

·        Eric D’Hondt, General Manager

4.      Long Point Region Conservation Authority

·        Ben Hodi

·        Heather Surette

David Johnston – Engineering Technologist from the MNR’s office in Peterborough made a presentation relating to the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act (LRIA) and how it applies to the Misner Dam.  As a result of that presentation the following concerns were discussed.

A.)  Exemption from the LRIA

 Were the proposed repairs to the Misner Dam considered to be exempt from the LRIA?

David Johnston (MNR) responded that because the Misner Dam is considered a High Risk Structure under the LRIA; and that the proposed repairs are not minor in nature, the work to the Misner Dam are not exempt from the LRIA.

B.)  Inflow Design Flood (IDF)

Why is the IDF study needed if we know that the Regulatory Flood lines are several meters above the top of the dam?

It was reinforced several times by MNR staff that the IDF study was essential for the County’s consultant to establish feasible options for the dam and submit a complete application to MNR under the LRIA.  The County’s consultant must determine the forces/loadings/stresses on the structure under the IDF condition so that feasible options can be established that will bring the dam into conformance with Provincial Standards.

The forces/loading/stresses under the IDF condition are essential to determine the design criteria for the Misner dam.  Once the design criteria has been assessed, feasible options for the Misner dam may be developed that will meet provincial standards under the LRIA.  Norfolk County may then consider the feasible options and proceed accordingly with the LRIA application including plans & specifications.  Without the IDF and structural assessment, plans and specifications, MNR are unable to process the application.

C.)  Design Methodology

Even though the IDF study will confirm the dam will be overtopped and that it is a High Risk Structure, what design factors have to be considered to bring the dam into compliance with Provincial Standards?

David Johnston (MNR) noted the basic principles of any LRIA dam application is:

·        Ensuring the IDF can pass through the dam in a safe and controlled manner that will not cause erosion that may undermine the structural integrity.

·        Ensure that the dam will remain structurally stable against the forces exerted under the IDF condition (foundations, mass, etc.)

The County will have to further address the following in the feasibility plan as part of the supporting documentation to complete the Work Permit Application.

·        Erosion of the banks that form part of dam structure will have to be assessed and evaluated based on the IDF.

·        Structural stability of the dam, including the physical mass, the foundation review and whether the dam has the ability to withstand undermining, overturning and the forces/loadings/stress resulting from the IDF.

David Johnston (MNR) indicated that their direction to County Staff and their consultant has remained consistent since beginning to work with Norfolk County and the Misner dam in 2009.  MNR indicated their continued support for the County moving forward in their efforts related to the Misner Dam.

D.)  1977 verses 2011 LRIA Guidelines

What is the difference between the 1977 and the 2011 LRIA Guidelines which comes into place on April 1, 2013?

The MNR noted that the significant difference in the guidelines related to the requirement to include earthquake loadings.  MNR noted that the level of care and assessment with a high hazard structure would be the same under either of the guidelines.

If the County does not submit the required information to the MNR by April 1, 2013, the Work Permit Application will continue to be considered incomplete and fall under the new 2011 guidelines.  The County must submit their application including the IDF, structural stability studies, along with draft plans and specifications to MNR which will bring the dam into compliance with Provincial Standards by April 1st, 2013 in order to use the 1977 LRIA Guidelines.

E.)  Fish Passage Plan

What is the likely hood of the approved Work Permit including the construction of a fish ladder?

The MNR noted that as stated at the first multi-agency meeting in Feb. it was “highly likely” that Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) would require fish passage to support MNR’s fisheries objectives to include enhanced fish access. The County would then be required to develop a plan to address fish passage upstream of the dam, as to whether this would involve the construction of a fish ladder or a dam management operational plan is subject to the County’s submission.

Sherry Pineo agreed to contact the DFO and provide clarity regarding fish passage.

F.)   Dam Ownership

The Mayor reinforced that the County is not the owner of the dam and that the County is doing its due diligence with respect to the protection of persons and property.  It was also noted that the County was not identified as the owner on the Application for Work Permit form but as an Other specified as “Legal owner is undefined, Norfolk County is taking a principle role in the absence of an owner for “safety reasons.”

G.)  Next Steps

Vallee – Commence the field survey work required by CRA to do the IDF – immediate start.

CRA – Upon receipt of the field survey work complete the IDF – end of January 2013.

Vallee – Based on the IDF prepare a preliminary assessment of the existing structure; prepare a preliminary feasibility plan for Council including update options and cost estimates to bring the dam into compliance with Provincial Standards – end of February 2013.

Council – Provide direction to staff based upon the preliminary feasibility study.

It was a very informative and productive meeting and provided the County and its consultants with the necessary direction to proceed to complete the County’s Application for Work Permit submitted on February 27, 2012.

For further information contact:

Dennis Travale

519-426-5870 Ext 1220


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