Beautiful Silver Lake taken January 25, 2013

Paul Lipsit, Membership Chairman of the The Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association is asking all persons who are interested in waterfront preservation and restoration of Silver Lake to show their support by purchasing memberships for the new year of 2013. He asks you to carefully read the brochure below and purchase a membership. This is a key way to visibly demonstrate support for the organization that is working hard on our behalf to keep these projects moving. Click on link to open:



Annual General Meeting

Lighthouse Festival Theatre

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Rick Misner called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. and welcomed those in attendance.


Rick Misner, Ron Keating, Marg Creighton, Jim Murphy and Paul Lipsit

Also attending were 21 P.D.W.P.A. members and one guest.


1.  Review of the Minutes of the November 30, 2011 AGM

The minutes were distributed and reviewed by Marg Creighton. It was moved by Chuck Irvine and seconded by Ed Laevens that the minutes be accepted as written.  Carried

2.     Treasurer’s Reports

Marg Creighton reported that the Association’s income from membership fees, donations, fundraising and repayment from the Friends of Silver Lake Committee totaled $11 842.00. The expenditures included bank charges, advertising, legal fees, fundraising and administrative expenses and transfers to the Friends of Silver Lake Committee.  Other expenses included a $500.00 rental fee for the booth at the Norfolk County Fair, a donation of $50.00 to the Port Dover Harbour Museum for hosting last year’s AGM and a refund of $20.00 to a member who had paid twice for their membership. As of October 31, 2012, the Association’s balance was $622.16.

 The Friends of Silver Lake Committee’s income from donations, fundraising and transfers from the Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association totaled $8 479.72. The expenditures included bank charges, advertising, insurance for the Norfolk County Fair, fundraising expenses, accountant’s fees and transfers to the Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association. As of October 31, 2012, the Friends of Silver Lake Committee’s balance was $2748.73. During her reports, Marg asked members to refer to the two charts that she had provided. (see attachments)  She also asked members if there were any questions or comments. There were none. A motion to accept the treasurer’s reports was made by Katie Buck and seconded by Sharon Lipsit.

 3. Memberships                                                           

Marg Creighton reported that, at the present time, the Association has 169 paid members.  Out of the 169 members, 37 have renewed their membership for 2013.  Marg stated that, hopefully, the majority of members will renew their membership before April 30th so that the Association can continue its pursuit of preserving the waterfront.  She reiterated her comments from last year’s AGM stating that the greater the Association’s numbers, the louder its voice, and the more impact it will have politically.  Marg was very happy to be able to announce that, as of yesterday, the Association granted two lifetime memberships.  These are available to members for $500.00.  The Association is most grateful for these contributions. Marg concluded her report by thanking members for attending and for their continued support.

3.     Port Dover Lighthouse

Sheila Whitely presented a comprehensive review of the Association’s efforts to preserve and protect the Pt. Dover lighthouse. (see attachment) 

 4.  Misner Dam and Silver Lake Report

Ron Keating presented a detailed handout to members (see attachment) which outlined the current status of the initiative to repair the Misner Dam. With respect to the restoration of Silver Lake, Ron stated that Long Point Region Conservation Association is the agency responsible for approving this project.  Ron explained that Norfolk County is willing to partner with the Friends of Silver Lake Committee regarding fundraising.  However, Council did not approve the committee’s use of staff time for assistance and/or consultation. Ron fielded questions from several members regarding the new legislation, possible frequency of the dredging of Silver Lake and the engineering company involved with the project (Connestoga Rovers).

5.  Future Projects                                    

Rick Misner presented an overview of future projects of the Association. (see attachment)  With respect to the Port Dover Harbour Marina, Ron Keating mentioned that he had been in touch with John Wells regarding the governance issue.  John stated that he has not heard anything yet about this report. Rick thanked Sheila Whitely, on behalf of the Association, for all of her efforts in researching and developing the business plan to apply to the federal government for ownership of the Port Dover lighthouse.  Rick also thanked Marg Creighton and Paul and Sharon Lipsit for their contributions. While discussing fundraising, Rick thanked Judy Malpass for her incredible efforts to raise money for the Friends of Silver Lake Committee through the donation buckets on Friday the 13th and also through the sale of the Roots Festival thermal bags. Rick also acknowledged the efforts of the numerous volunteers.

6. Christmas by the Lake Fundraiser

Paul Lipsit outlined the concert entitled A Family Christmas by the Lake.  It will take place on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012 at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre.  Entertainment will be provided by the Gentlemen of Harmony chorus and quartets, a children’s choir from St. Cecilia’s as well as several talented performers from the community.  Caroling by the audience will be encouraged to foster the Christmas spirit.  All proceeds will be donated to the Association.  Paul mentioned that if this concert is successful then it may become an annual occurrence.

7.  Motions to be put to the AGM

Rick Misner stated that no motions had been submitted to the directors this year. The directors had not submitted any motions either.  Rick asked members if there were any motions that they would like to have the membership consider.  There were none.

8. Election/Confirmation of Directors

Rick Misner stated that, according to the Association’s By-Law, three directors must resign each year. However, they may seek reelection and may hold office for a maximum of five years. It is with regret that the Association accepts the resignation of Marg Creighton. Rick mentioned that both he and Jim Murphy are also resigning, but are willing to stand for reelection. In summary, the following members have put their names forward to be considered for the position of director:

Jim Murphy, Ron Keating, Paul Lipsit and Rick Misner.

 Rick asked members if there were any other people who would like to be considered for the position of director.  No one responded.  That being the case, by acclamation, the following members will form the Board of Directors for the year 2012-2013:

Rick Misner, Jim Murphy, Paul Lipsit, Ron Keating
and a director, yet to be identified, to replace Marg Creighton.

9. New Business

Ed Laevens provided an update on the Riverfront Park located on the former Pring property.  He stated that the tenders for the sheet piling will be due in a few days. Work is to be completed by mid-March.


10. Adjournment

Rick thanked everyone for coming. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:10 pm.


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