What Values Will Drive The Next Decision

To all members of the Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Committee and all Friends of Silver Lake:

 Eric D’Hondt, Norfolk County’s General Manager, Public Works and Environmental Services, has tabled for Council’s consideration a “staff report summariz(ing) investigations and preliminary design activities… related to the Misner’s Dam.” His report in its entirely can be accessed by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

  Council will take this up at its Council meeting this coming Tuesday, February 26, 5pm. Mr. D’Hondt is asking for direction from Council inasmuch as the bill to deal with the Misner Dam is now presented and as well is  in excess of the presently budgeted 1.3 million dollars.

 ” The ability to accurately estimate the cost of the IDF mitigating measures is complicated as working solutions have not been completely defined. Notwithstanding the costs external to the dam structure, the cost to provide a structurally sound dam, is now estimated to be in excess of $2,500,000 (includes the fish ladder required by the DFO and the 25% contingency noted in Attachment No. 2). The additional cost for the dam repair is beyond that estimated in previous reports ($1,300,000) due to the now expected need to provide piling for structural support. An order-of-magnitude cost for the additional water control works (ie, such as spillways) is $10,000,000 as shown in Attachment No. 2.” [See page 3 of Mr, D’Hondt’s report.)

 The central factor driving this vastly different assessment is the requirement to deal with a flood resulting from a storm event very much in excess of what we experienced with Hurricane Hazel back in the mid-50’s.

 “Using the MNR standards, requirements, accepted practices and methodologies CRA [Conestoga Rovers Associates] has produced the IDF [Inflow Design Flood] for the Misner’s Dam in Port Dover. This is the storm that must be used as the “design storm” for any design work for the dam. … The CRA IDF consists of runoff generated by a storm with 420mm of rainfall over a 12-hour period. This is a massive storm far above any storm event Norfolk County has previously considered for any other purpose. This is 50% more rainfall than the famous Hurricane Hazel storm. Also the IDF rainfall occurs in one quarter of the time of Hazel, making it much more intense than Hazel.” [See page 9 of  the Vallee attachment.]

 If the restoration of Silver Lake, the continuing viability of our marine industry, harbour, and beaches, is of vital interest to you, then you should consider attending this upcoming meeting of Council to hear for yourself as Council grapples with what is now a difficult problem. Your attendance reinforces to Council how vital this matter is to the Community.

PW_13-15 Report to Council 2013


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