Photo of winter 2014 is provided compliments of Helen Bingleman: This recent photo includes the following description:  This is what surrounds your natural free flowing stream, one big drainage ditch, the free flowing stream is one little thread on the far side by the willows. The ditch carries water from at least three county drains and a dozen other ditches on the St. Andrew and St. Patrick side and likely as much water from Prospect Hill side. After a spring thaw and heavy rains they pour in not only water but oil and any other hazardous waste residents and non residents decide to pour down the drains. The area from Ivey’s Dam to Misner’s Dam has never been anything but hazard land long before Andrew Thompson built the dam for his woolen mills. This will never be anything but a mosquito breeding mess of muck and mire unless the water level is brought back up.

The following note of optimism has been released today from Ron Keating, Vice President, Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association,for its FRIENDS OF SILVER LAKE COMMITTEE:

To all Friends of Silver Lake:

 Things have been quiet while we await the report on Misner Dam options from the consultant retained by the County. But now, they’re starting to move.

 1. For those who missed the news from last fall, the County and MNR agreed then that the County should retain a consultant experienced in dam repair to develop options for County and MNR to consider as they seek resolution. MNR said they, for their part, would expedite any approvals process that might flow from this. The consultant’s report is due this month,  so  stay tuned.

2. All Friends of Silver Lake, please mark your calendars for March 6 for our third annual benefit buffet hosted by the Erie Beach Hotel. As in prior years tickets are twenty-five dollars of which Erie Beach will donate half to our cause. Details as to sittings and tickets will be forthcoming shortly. Stay tuned. (PDWPA membership renewals will be taken at the door. Those who haven’t yet re-upped, please note.)

3. The mayor, Mr. Dennis Travale, has issued the note below which makes encouraging reading. Again, stay tuned.

Mr. Travale wrote as follows:

Sun, 26 Jan 2014

Rural Ontario Municipalities Association conference is mid February. I have asked the MNR Minister David Orazietti to meet with me.  His most recent response to an earlier letter stated that the Lakes & Rivers Improvement Act and its Regulations provides the guidance we need.

The dam was never built for flood control and we shouldn’t be forced by Act and Regulation into flood evaluation or structure design for flood control. 

My desire has always been and continues to be to “repair” the structure and allow water back into Silver Lake.  I will ask him to exercise his Ministerial “over-ride” authority and give permission to “repair” Misner’s dam.


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