The Dam Courtesy of Helen Bingleman

The Dam Courtesy of Helen Bingleman

The Erie Beach Hotel this past March 6 held its yearly Benefit Buffet. With this “Benefit Buffet” the Erie Beach shares proceeds of the day with participating community organizations.

 The Friends of Silver Lake wish to give a whole-hearted “Thanks” to both the Erie Beach for this fine gesture of giving back to the Community; and also to those Friends of Silver Lake who attended and enjoyed a buffet of the Erie Beach’s finest. We had even more Friends enjoying the Buffet this year than last. We appreciate the support of our Friends of Silver Lake during the time the matter of repairing Misner Dam and restoring Silver Lake has been dragging out.

That being said, all Friends of Silver Lake, stay alert for word that the Consultant’s options report for Misner Dam is finally to be tabled for Council’s guidance. (It did have a February due-date.) We can be encouraged by statements that MNR is ready to assist Council with short-term options.

 Once again, Thanks to All! 

 The Friends of Silver Lake Committee


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