Port Dover has a heart once again!

Port Dover has a heart once again! May it continue to beat strong!

Much appreciation to our creative and artistic photographer for a wonderful aerial view of this beloved lake! And much appreciation to the person(s) unknown who have returned it to us after 4 years of patiently trying to cooperate with the powers that be. We have been mired in more bureaucracy than there is silt in the lake. This summer we can open our windows wide to welcome fresh sweet summer air without having the air conditioning on 24 hours a day to cover the stench. There is even a swan back on the lake and kayaks and canoes!  It is real and no mirage. Last summer the curtains of rainbow lights on patches of water were also real – sewer gas has its own beauty! But for today, all is right with the world in this little fishing village.

We are full of gratitude for this gift and also more to come. Our local Engineering Brain Trust let by Marion Gadsby has reviewed all reports received from MNR to date and put together preliminary plans to address all concerns cited by MNR and which will also allow for the insertion of electric power generation for those who feel it will be a beneficial addition, a fish ladder for Anglers, and continued access to the lake. There will be no need to put up expensive fencing to protect people walking unknowingly onto  sludge that acts like quick sand.  In the months to come. we may have to make compromises but we should still be able to have the lake for its beauty, its wildlife, and the recreational activities we have enjoyed for generations. We also appreciate the local residents who have taken the time to respond to the headline story in the July 1st edition of the Maple Leaf regarding the stop logs  returned to the dam. This will be a test of government at all levels – after the silence of the lambs, Doverites are politely speaking up.


Our Harbour after 4 years of no dam dam!

Our Harbour after 4 years of no dam dam!









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