The picture below was taken in 2013. If you moved to Port Dover because of our wonderful natural resources and are concerned with the manner in which these are being gradually eroded in our community, please plan to attend this public Council Meeting in Simcoe. The study that was commissioned with our tax dollars in 2014 is finally being brought forward for discussion at the April 5 meeting. Started in 2014 and told every three months we would be hearing about the results soon, we now know meaning of ” soon” in the public service world.  

Our Proud Past (2013)

Our Proud Past (2013 above)

Yesterday afternoon, we received the following message from our Mayor Charlie Luke who has been pushing hard this past year for answers!

“I have met with Lee Robinson this afternoon. She will be announcing that the engineering reports and staff report will be coming to council on April 5th.”

With this in mind, The Port Dover Waterfront Association has sent out the following message to all members. Please bear in mind, you do not need to be a member to be a supporter!

To all Friends of Silver Lake:

The Mayor informs us that the consultant’s report on what to do about Misner Dam, commissioned in late December 2014, finally comes before Council this coming April 5. Please record in your calendars this date and time (5 pm, location 2nd floor, Simcoe Town Hall) and COME OUT TO THE MEETING.

Council needs to know that, despite the six years of this saga, Port Dover citizens remain vitally concerned for the future of Misner Dam and Silver Lake. Only your turnout conveys that message. Spread the word to all your neighbours.

When the consultant’s report is posted on the County’s website April 1 we shall flag it to you.
Ron Keating
for the Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association, and its
Our Mission: “To restore and enhance Silver Lake and its environs for the benefit of Norfolk County”.
Website: http://www.save-silverlake.com Facebook: Help Save (Restore) Silver Lake!
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.” Margaret Mead





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