Lake Lisgar Continues to Lead The Way!

11856497_10206711361970286_6783086177986272792_oHow the World changes on a dime! It would appear that the gears of bureaucracy grind slower depending on where one lives!

In conversation with Frank Kempf of Tillsonburg, leader of the group who led the beautiful man-made lake project which has resulted in the amazing Lake Lisgar, it was our very own Silver Lake that sparked their original idea. This idea and vision clearly illustrates what a committed group of ordinary citizens can accomplish with a strong vision for the future and support from the community and ministries working together in a collaborative way!

Kudos are in order. Below, is a copy of an article published August 25 on page 2 in the Norfolk News . Lake Lisgar is a multifaceted recreational lake that provides local residents with accessible fishing, sailing, canoeing and other water sports in a beautiful venue just like Silver Lake before the logs were removed from our dam. They apparently have run into no road blocks keeping their lake clean and dredged.

Well Done Lake Lisgar!

Well Done Lake Lisgar! We encourage our readersĀ  to check out the website for Lake Lisgar Water Park Tillsonburg!

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