Flowing from our Mission to restore and enhance Silver Lake and its environs for the benefit of Norfolk County” we have established strategic objectives from which work plans are being developed or finalized. Some objectives will be implemented concurrently and others will follow in phases. Objectives are listed in order of priority

 Key goals include:

  •  remove excess sedimentation  and minimize the amount of soil erosion and sedimentation for the future         Priority Goal 2011 

Sub goals include:

  1. develop and execute a dredging plan to meet the requirements of all stakeholders
  2. identify areas along the river with highly eroding banks and evaluate alternatives to address sites contributing to significant sedimentation of the river
  •  develop a plan for funding the project             Priority Goal  2011

Sub goals include:

  1. raise sufficient funds to execute the project plan
  2. identify opportunities for the creation of ongoing revenue streams for long term maintenance with priority to focus on natural resources
  •  improve and maintain the Lynn River Ecosystem for Fish and Wildlife

Sub goals include: Working with strategic partners

  1. identify functioning wetlands and other important fisheries and wildlife habitat within or adjacent to the Lynn River
  2. improve or create fisheries and wildlife habitat
  3. determine feasibility and cost of restoring habitat critical to the survival of important species
  4. evaluate the potential of improving stream temperatures and related water quality parameters through wildlife /fisheries species
  • maximize community assets related to the River

Sub goals include: Working with strategic partners;

Provide information on access to public lake front lands and available uses and highlight value adds such as: (i)    economic value of restoration(e.g. attract increased tourism in the county; attract residential development with accompanying increased tax and spending base (ii)  healthy lifestyle opportunities such as trails, canoeing, rowing club activities (iii)  educational value (e.g. interpretive signage) (iv) role in water waste management (v)  role in harbour front

  •  maximize economic value

Sub goals include: Working with strategic partners:

1. Explore feasibility of adding power generation as a feature of the dam in order to develop financial return for regular maintenance of the Lake for future generations.

2. Work with county tourist authority to identify features to support tourism in the county.

  • maximize community usage

Sub goals include:

1. identify and promote new opportunities for community usage such as family gatherings        e.g. reunions, weddings, receptions, concerts, winter sports

Silver Lake in Full Autumn Glory!


2 Responses to “STRATEGIC GOALS”

  1. Les Mandeville Says:

    There is another way to raise money for Silver Lake that I think no one has thought of by utilizing the fish species that appears to be most abundant in Silver lake. I am talking about the common carp. Many anglers in the UK and Europe pay very large dollars to fish what are known as pay lakes or day ticket lakes for this species. We are lucky in North America as most of our waters are free to fish and contain an abundance of carp but there are anglers that come specifically on carp fishing holidays from over seas and the US to places like Long Sault and the St Lawrence river to charter fish for carp bringing significant tourism dollars to the local economy in the form of hotels, meals, gas, etc. There are a lot of carp anglers in Southern Ontario that would gladly spend money to fish tournaments or day tickets or club memberships or parking if there was some development for better access to the lake to fish possibly 10 or 20 spots or “swims” as we call them. The competition for these spots would be very good generating in the neighborhood of 20 dollars per day per spot and some anglers would make the trip and spend 2-3 days or perhaps even a week. Very little would need to be done for upkeep. only weeding and maintaining the fishing swim locations. Carp fishermen bait their own locations while they fish. they always practice catch and release thus ensuring the maintaining of the fishery and always practice extreme fish care to all the animals. Not to mention the revenue that could be created through tournaments and festivals. As a former Port Dover resident I know we are known as the town of the Yellow Perch but I think we are really missing out on what an untapped market the common carp could be. I am part of several clubs in Southern Ontario and a Brampton resident now but I always spend every weekend I come home to see my family fishing for carp in the harbor and Misner’s dam, the Lynn ricer and only dream on what a great fishery Silver Lake could be as I have shore fished the few spots available and always had such incredible days fishing there.

    • Administrator Says:

      Thank you so much for your sending us your ideas! This is exactly what we need as we move forward. We are currently working on our strategic plan for digging out the lake once the County carries out all the necessary repair work on the Misner Dam – they tell us it will be started at the end of the summer as they are currently in process of approving engineering reports etc. Our “Dig Committee” is meeting tomorrow and I will be sure to take your suggestions with me. We need to involve as many stakeholder groups as we can to raise the necessary funding. Our idea is to do the work in phases and we are just starting the development of a new strategic plan. Will be sure to contact you if we need more information on this project- will keep in touch!

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