Lake Erie January Day

Lake Erie January Day by Michael Cruse


The Fishing Fleet in Winter

The Harbour Waterfront

The Harbour Waterfront

Ontario's South Coast in the Winter

Lake Erie’s South Coast Beach Brr r!



logoThe Port Dover Waterfront Association (PDWPA)  is an incorporated community not-for-profit association with the aims of protecting, maintaining and restoring the marine and community heritage along the natural lakes, harbours, rivers,  shorelines and community areas of Norfolk County’s historic waterfront Ontario’s South Coast, at the shores of Lake Erie in the former town of Port Dover. PDWPA was incorporated on December 15, 2008 .

Our achievements to date include:

  • Galvanized a citizen movement to retain public ownership of local Marina;
  • Led successful movement, in partnership with the County, to retain historic lighthouse building;
  • Partnered with local business in successful appeal to OMB regarding proposed County zoning bylaw changes re Waterfront.

Our plan for the future includes:

  • The repair of Misner Dam and the restoration of Silver Lake.  To this end we have established a sub committee “The Friends of Silver Lake, who are tasked with carrying out a strategic plan developed to restore and enhance Silver Lake in partnership with the local community and with Norfolk County.

Friends of Silver Lake is a volunteer sub-committee of the  Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association. We invite you to read about our organization, our history, and our plans for the future.

Our Members: Our membership is composed of  community citizens across Norfolk County who are working to support the restoration and enhancement of Lake and its environs. We are committed to  protecting

  • habitat for wildlife & indigenous plant species,
  • the marina with its $ 24M+ recreational boats and the commercial fishing industries
  • the properties bordering the Lynn Valley area and lower town that are at risk from flooding
  • the industries and retailers in Norfolk County that cater to tourists, boaters, and the fishing business

Birds in danger of losing their habitat.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Working  collaboratively as a community, we can create a sustainable future which will bring joy and pride for generations to follow.

Key goals include:

  • develop a plan for funding the project         Priority Goal  2013
  •  remove excess sedimentation  and minimize the amount of soil erosion and sedimentation for the future            Priority Goal 2013 – 2014
  • improve and maintain the Lynn River Ecosystem for Fish and Wildlife
  • maximize economic value & community usage through increased tourism

Together we will re-establish Silver Lake with its associated Park as an outstanding County asset for the enjoyment and pleasure of its citizens as well as for the less visible but vital services of Flood and Siltation Management and pollution containment and abatement.

With your help,. Silver Lake will be a year-round destination for a full range of outdoor activities including bird watching, fishing, canoeing, rowing, trail walking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating and pick-up hockey. It will provide a beautiful venue for community gatherings and sporting events. It will be an innovative model for other communities concerned with protecting endangered species, preserving natural resources, water quality and providing flood water management in tandem with growing urban development.



Call and offer your special skills, contacts or anything else you think will help. e.g. do you have background in the key goals we have for the project?

  • Share your resources! Are you aware of government grants that support aspects of this project?.
  • Share your resources! Are you aware of Corporate sponsors who promote wildlife preservation, green space renewal, projects aimed to manage pollution and community environmental safety?
  • Call us to share your ideas
  • Contact us with your questions !

Contact: Paul Lipsit

Phone:   519- 583-2982

Email:  Administrator:


Please read through our website to gain an understanding of the history of  Silver Lake, how its function has changed over the past 200 hundred years as settlements have gradually developed all through the Norfolk area. When you read the section entitled “our proud history” you will see what can be accomplished by a Community when we work together.

We invite you to show your support by signing up and becoming “A Friend”.



  1. Vicki Hubbert Says:

    We visit Port Dover every summer and have enjoyed the beauty and serenity of Silver Lake, until summer 2011. Please everyone stay active in restoring it.

    • Administrator Says:

      We are delighted to receive your note of support! We need to all rally together and get this project moving. The reason people have such passion is because so many people are affected! The commercial fishing business will not survive without the dam, businesses in the lower town are at risk of flooding, the sense of pride generated by the success of our rowers across the province and the loss of another habitat site for indigenous birds, aquatic life and flora are all at stake. The lake seems to touch all we hold dear!

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