Invitation to Opening Reception at gallery23

Featuring Artists Bruce A. Milner and Don Howell

Please note this invitation includes a free concert with donations going to the Waterfront Preservation Association

Bruce “House” Milner  “Rounding the End”

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming exhibition of paintings by Bruce A. Milner and Don Howell. Both these artists are exceptional at capturing on canvas a world where Lake Erie, the fishermen and tugs that work on the lake are worthy of a closer, admiring look. The show “First Lift of the Spring” is a collection of paintings and carvings that draw us into the fishing and marine culture that so many of us have been connected with through the years.

 The show runs May 11 to June 18th with the opening reception on Friday, May 12, 7-9 p.m.

“House” has also offered to host a musical concert of nautical and fishing tunes on Saturday, June 3rd, 2:00-3:30. This will be a free concert with any donations going to the Waterfront Preservation Association. Everyone is welcome so come on out and join us for a fun, musical afternoon surrounded by wonderful art!

 Gallery23 will also feature greeting cards with fabulous pictures of lakeside scenes by Michael Leedale.

 Hope to see you,

Mac and Janet



A Picture Says A Thousand Words

A Picture Says A Thousand Words


On behalf of “The Friends of Silver Lake”, we want to express our appreciation for the vote at Council last Tuesday to repair the Misner Dam. We know that two Councilors did not vote in the affirmative as It may have seemed to them that this was a Port Dover issue only and tax monies would be better spent on issues that affect us county wide.

The issue of Misner Dam has county wide impact and is not the “Hobby Horse” of a small group of interested local residents whose properties back onto the lake! For that reason, we are promoting ONE INCLUSIVE SOLUTION!

We welcome the Anglers and will work with them to support their ideas for creating a fishing dock and stocking the lake with fish for their enjoyment. Lake Lisgar in Tillsonburg is a perfect example of how one inclusive solution can meet the needs of special interest groups. There you will see fishermen casting from the shore line or from rowboats or from wheel chairs on a board walk dock. You will see young children sailing by in small sail boats and birders and wild life photographers maneuvering canoes through grassy wetland areas. We also need solutions that are inclusive and respect the interests of all the special interest groups.

We welcome the Rowers : All funds raised from the Dragon Boat races went to the Norfolk General Hospital, a facility that serves the whole County. We contacted Jim Dover former head of the Port Dover Rowing Association and asked him whether the rowing was an activity that only had impact in Port Dover. His response was as follows:

” Our adult “learn to row program” also raised funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation another organization serving the County.. In fact, I was contacted last week about the possibility of resuming this partnership. As for university scholarships, the athletes who earned scholarships were from Port Dover as well as Normandale, Port Ryerse and Burford. However, others that competed elsewhere across Canada were also from Waterford, Scotland, Simcoe, Port Rowan. I think that a very telling fact is that during our club’s existence we received support from community groups such as the Lions, Kinsmen and Rotary Clubs from across the County including Simcoe and Waterford. Another aspect is that our adult recreational rowing program attracted many people from the Hamilton area and our high school regattas attracted over 500 people (parents and athletes) each year from the Niagara Region and southwestern Ontario.”

We welcome the “Day Trippers” the “Trail Racers:, the babies in prams, the dogs, geo cachers, the kids lying on their bellies on the dock with their minnow nets, the pickup hockey games in the winter and the skaters!

In Summary: You made the right decision last week to proceed with the repair! You will be having a second vote in the coming week.



PDWPA – Riverfront Park Project – 2015

Port Dover Lighthouse A Heritage Building!

Port Dover Lighthouse A Heritage Building!

A new year has begun and already plans are afoot to move forward with key projects! Our top projects are Riverfront Park, Silver Lake, the Lighthouse and the Marina. In the past 12 months, we have moved forward and the Harbour Lighthouse has been saved. It has  now been declared an official heritage site.  The latter is a tribute to what can happen when we are working in partnership with the County and our Community Residents!

The Riverfront Park project has also moved forward and is getting closer to the landscape architect’s concept.

This project has been underway for ten years, spearheaded by Ed Laevens, Jim Murphy and Chris Baird at the County. It was originally known as the ‘Friends of the Docks’ group and the ‘dinghy dock’ project. It should be noted that the dockage is for dinghies and small craft under 20′ only. These requirements are strictly enforced.

The following few pictures document the changes since 2011 until the present and end with a peek at the future.

The view prior to the park

The view prior to the park


Getting Started July 22, 2013

Getting Started July 22, 2013


 Architect Drawing


Visitor Docks a Popular Feature!

Visitor Docks a Popular Feature!

 Keep your eyes peeled for further news on how YOU can be involved in new projects!

October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014


Magical Entry to Port Dover Marina

Magical Entry to Port Dover Harbour

Magical Entry to Port Dover Harbour

The Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association would like to bring to your attention developments regarding the management of the Port Dover Harbour Marina.

The Port Dover Harbour Marina has been in operation for over 25 years. It has grown from a small operation of approximately 100 slips, leased from the federal government, to an operation of approximately 500 slips wholly owned by Norfolk County. The management structure of the Marina has evolved from a volunteer board composed of five members, three of whom were also members of the City of Nanticoke Council, to an advisory committee of eight volunteers and one Council member, to no board, no advisory committee, and the Marina being operated solely by Norfolk County.

Norfolk County Staff and Council have struggled for years to find an acceptable governance model for the Marina.

At a Norfolk Council meeting held on February 28, 2012, Council received a requested presentation from Rick Bedding of Port Dover, regarding governance options for the Port Dover Harbour Marina. He provided background information on what has taken place to date, outlined the governance structure for a municipal corporation and a municipal service board, and recommended that Council create a municipal service board for the operation of the Port Dover Harbour Marina. Mr. Bedding stated that this model would still follow the policies of Norfolk County, but that the board would be able to operate the bank account, develop the budget, hire staff and make minor purchases. As a result, Council passed a resolution

“THAT Staff be directed to bring back a report regarding the establishment of a municipal service board for the Port Dover Harbour Marina management to the first meeting in September, 2012.”
At a Norfolk Council-in-Committee meeting held on September 3, 2013, Council received a presentation from Mr. Tim Keogh of Marina Management Services Inc., a consultant hired by Staff this summer. He provided an update on the Port Dover and Port Rowan Harbour Marina Business Plans. Mr. Keogh outlined the scope of work and projected work schedule with a final report to come forward in October.

This past Friday, August 29 2014, Council members have received the consultant’s report. It is posted on the County website as agenda material for this September 2, 2014 Council-in-Committee Meeting.


Its key recommendation (see page 47) is “the ultimate objective would be to lease out the marina to a third party.”

The Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association (PDWPA) was formed in response to the possibility that the Marina might pass into private hands. It has remained vigilant on the matter. The PDWPA is concerned that Staff has not delivered to Council’s expressed desire for a report regarding the establishment of a municipal service board, which the Association believes is the best option for the management of the Marina.

If you share both our concern and our conviction that citizens operating a municipal service board for the Marina is the best option, then the PDWPA requests that you join our effort to ensure that Council continues to move in this direction. A first concrete step to this end is to attend this coming September 2, 5 pm Council meeting (50 Colborne Street South Simcoe – Talbot Street Entrance) as Council once again takes up the matter. Those of us who are in attendance will be asked to convene, after Council moves on to other matters, to a dining room of The Blue Elephant, 96 Norfolk St S. Simcoe, to deliberate on Council’s discussion and our collective response to this developing situation.

Hope to see you there.
Rick Misner, President
Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association

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