Silver Lake is a lake in Norfolk County – one km in length and one quarter km in width. It complements Lake Erie’s fresh water beaches and the Lynn River system. The lake and the surrounding park is a source of history and heritage, memories and community spirit, health and wellness. It is a tourist destination for day trippers and county residents, attracting visitors all year round.

Aerial view of lake area and harbour

Its head waters begin in the Sand Plains of Norfolk to the northwest of Simcoe, gently cascading over the weir at the former Sutton’s Pond, through Wellington Park and the Quance Dam, past the water treatment plant which supplies an additional continuous inflow, then over the “Heritage” Ivey Dam into a wetland at the head of Silver Lake. The wetland has been provincially identified as a “significant wetland”.  At the south east corner the water drops fourteen feet over a dam to join the Black Creek flowing through local recreation harbours, under a lift bridge and through the “Federal” commercial fishing harbour.

Silver Lake Park is the largest land based & aquatic park in the County. Over the years the Lake has been the focal point of a beautiful twenty acre treed park purchased and developed by the Port Dover Lions Club at no cost to the county. The park site was chosen because of the Lake setting. It has been home to a national class rowing club; it has provided the community with a soccer pitch, bird watching, fishing, dinghy sailing, canoeing and swimming. It has been the site of significant community volunteerism and fund raising. It is a place where the community gathers for special events such as community picnics, holiday events, Dragon Boat racing, games, fireworks, and large scale outdoor concerts.

Rowing Club - Home of National Champions!


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