Silver Lake Afire

Silver Lake Afire

A message on behalf of the Port Dover Waterfront Association

Since 2010 we have been advocating the repair of Misner Dam and the restoration of Silver Lake. For six years we have waited for a path forward. We have elected a Mayor dedicated to making it happen. The MNR has come round to the viewpoint that something near-term has to be done. 

 Finally, we have coming before Council this coming Tuesday a report to lay out options. 

 Please check out the staff report attached. It will be the subject of Council discussion this coming Tuesday. (The Stantec consulting report itself is treated as “draft” so it has not been shared.) Tuesday evening there will be three deputations from citizens and then Misner Dam will be the first of staff reports. Although the meeting this coming Tuesday will start at 4 pm the agenda notes that Misner Dam will not be discussed until after 5, so coming for 5 pm would seem to be indicated.

If you care about the repair of Misner Dam and the restoration of Silver Lake, PLEASE COME OUT! This is a critical moment to get our Lake back. Council needs to know the citizens of Port Dover care deeply about their Lake and only your presence at Council puts that across. 

 Shirley and Roland Cawthorne will be handing out SAVE SILVER LAKE stickers at the door. Pick one up to show your support!

Staff Rpt Misner Dam April 5 2016

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