2017 is shaping up to be a busy year for your Association. We’re excited with the work you’re about to see on the Misner Dam. We’ll be seeking out community input into the revitalization of one of our community’s landmarks, Silver Lake.

We continue to encourage community involvement and anticipate your support of our activities. Please join us at the Theatre, Wednesday, November 23rd at 7pm.


Please be advised that our seventh Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Port Dover Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Long Bar Lounge. Market Street Entrance. Cash bar opens at 6:30pm.

We hope to keep the necessary business portion of the gathering to a minimum so we can share the latest in what’s happening with our community waterfront issues: For example, are you wondering about

  1. What’s going on at our Harbour Marina?
  2. Who’s the new PDHM Boss?
  3. Who’s refurbishing the Dam? When’s it going to start? What’s it going to look like?
  4. Are we keeping anything of the Old Dam?
  5. So what then about Silver Lake? Are there plans to refurbish it? What about dredging?
  6. What’s it all going to cost and who pays???
  7. Hear our community success story about our Lighthouse! What happened, how, and who paid for it.

The meeting will include

  • a financial report and our year-end review
  • Motions that have been submitted for the AGM will addressed and voted on.
  • Notice of Bylaw Change: Your Association Board of Directors is recommending changes to the Association Bylaws to increase Board membership from five Directors, to seven or more, as deemed necessary. As well, the clause limiting service of a Director to a maximum of five years is to be deleted. Full details will be provided at the AGM.The Association’s By-Laws state that Director elections occur annually and that a minimum of three Directors are required to retire each year, but may seek re-election.  Should a person wish to put forward a name as candidate for Director, please notify the Association Secretary by Wednesday, November 16, 2016.  Should a person be interested for future consideration as a Director, please contact any Director.

If you have any motions that you would like the membership to consider, please submit them to the Secretary, Paul Lipsit by November 16, 2016. The mover and seconder must be stipulated. If you are unable to attend the AGM, please contact the Secretary for a Proxy Form for completion and submission.  Members may thereby appoint another member to vote on their behalf.

 Attendees may renew or sign up for membership at the AGM.  If this is not convenient, a cheque in the amount of $20.00/member, payable to the PDWPA, may be mailed to the Association Secretary.

Please note that the final membership renewal date for the upcoming year 2017 is April 30, 2017.

Paul Lipsit, PDWPA Secretary,

3 West Dale Ave.  Port Dover, ON  N0A 1N4






Meeting of The Birds of Directors

Meeting of The Birds of Directors

Update from Tim Rogers as follow up to Citizen Demonstration Wednesday July 8

 The last few weeks have been REALLY enjoyable with Silver Lake nearly full, and the last 3 days have simply been interesting.

As I promised at Wednesday’s Peaceful Gathering, here is an update:

Norfolk County Officials told us that MNR insisted that the county remove the newly placed stop logs. We have asked for a copy of the directive from the MNR that shows this demand. It was confirmed, as we suspected, that there was in fact no directive from MNR. We have however been provided with copies of sensitive inter-office Norfolk County email communication that show that Norfolk County took the initiative themselves to remove the logs after consulting with and being advised by Ryan Elliot of G.D. Valllee Ltd. Ryan is the person who did the Safety Review of the dam in 2010.

Eric D’Hondt’s statement in the Port Dover Maple Leaf was that the party(s) who placed the logs were trespassing on Norfolk County Property. In an email this week from one of our elected officials we were told that “No one seems to own the dam”. So it appears as though people cannot be charged with trespassing if they are on the dam since there is no owner.

Simon’s Construction removed the third log yesterday amid raucous protests that they were going to allow even more mud and silt to be dumped into the harbour than what they have already released. We demanded that they contact Scott Zerbes ( Senior Municipal Technologist Engineering Division Norfolk County) and Mayor Charlie Luke before they proceeded, but our cries went unheeded, the log was removed and MORE mud has entered the harbour now. Go look, you can see it pouring over the spillway. The next log was not removed (yet) Friday morning so hopefully someone from the county had enough sense to realize that there was more harm than (perceived) good being done by removing the logs. HOPEFULLY they will not remove more. And if they do, then hopefully there will not be ANOTHER dredge bill for over $200,000 (do you know where this money comes from???)

CHCH has reminded us of the MNR’s policy on dams. There are 2 video clips in the article. If you didn’t read/see it, it is at this link http://www.chch.com/silver-lake-protest/

At the end of it all we have generated a LOT of publicity and attention, which is what we needed. Now we need to stop with the publicity and run with this momentum and remain positive and move forward to get Silver Lake restored. Now.

We are recommending that citizens and supporters work diligently in conjunction with Norfolk County and the MNR to support Marion Gadsby’s work-in-progress to restore Silver Lake. Marion’s group has a plan that would involve dam repair, dredging, silt traps and the installation of fish ladders and a hydro-electric generator.  Marion has been advised that in principle the County and the MNR are in agreement with the direction in which her plan is headed, and Marion wants things to begin happening this year- this is not something that she nor anyone else wants to see sitting idle for 5 more years.

So a number of us are supporting Marion’s efforts and we encourage you to do so too. However, remember that Charlie Luke, John Wells, Eric D’Hondt, etc. are also citizens, property owners, taxpayers and people who have feelings and opinions too. I respectfully ask that if you have opinions of any of our elected officials or Norfolk County staff that are less than positive that you please not present these opinions in public forums. As good as it may feel to vent, nothing good comes from it. We will keep you updated with respect to Marion’s group’s progress and how you can help.

Enjoy the weekend, thank you all for your help and support for bringing Silver Lake to the forefront.

Port Dover residents are divided over the fate of a small, man-made lake that’s been part of the landscape for more than a century. The dam that created the lake is falling apart but no-one seems to know what to do about it or who’s…
Death in the Swamp

Death in the Swamp

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