Silver Lake Wins in a 6-2 vote!


Be sure to turn up your speakers, click on the link, put your hand over your heart and enjoy. Thank you Tim Warris and your Bossman Bryn for a truly awesome commemorative signature flight on a very special day in our history!

Seven long years and a decision has been made! And it was the right decision at last –¬† one that is not about money, power or politics. Norfolk Council made the only decision they could that would address public safety, wild life preservation of endangered species, lifestyle and recreational activities and tourism in our area! It was a decision that respected the vision of the Port Dover Lions Club who own and maintain the magnificent Silver Lake Park. Today, we must recognize the eloquence of our Mayor Charlie Luke and our Council Representative John Wells. They both spoke from¬† head and heart in a compelling way to summarize the essential issues at stake in Port Dover. This was not about fixing or not fixing yet another dam dam. It was all about who we are, why we live here and why people visit in this unique area.

Thank you to all our hardworking members who have hung in for the long ride and for those who are new to the cause and ready to roll up their sleeves as we move forward.


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