Vision  2015

Silver Lake will be re-established with its associated Park as an outstanding County asset for the enjoyment and pleasure of its citizens as well as for the less visible but vital services of Flood and Siltation Management and pollution containment and abatement.

Silver Lake will be a year-round destination for a full range of outdoor activities including bird watching, fishing, canoeing, rowing, trail walking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating and pick-up hockey. It will provide a beautiful venue for large concerts, community picnics, sporting events, family reunions and weddings. It will be an innovative model for other communities concerned with protecting endangered species, preserving natural resources, water quality and providing flood water management in tandem with growing urban development..

We will accomplish the objectives necessary for the achievement of the Vision through strategic partnerships and innovative programs.

Philosophy & Values

We believe that when we work collaboratively with our community for the benefit of all, we can create a sustainable future which will bring joy and pride for generations to follow.

1. Broad tourist impact: We believe this project will be of benefit to our region as well as the local community. As more and more tourists seek vacation destinations in southwestern Ontario, they will look for a broad range of day trip experiences. Silver Lake and its attached park facility will be one more attractor to Norfolk County. It will provide a low cost and accessible outing with activities for all ages. The broader region will benefit from increased traffic into the area.

2. Economic impact:  We believe that local industry is key to our survival.  This project is  vital to preserve the marina, the  commercial fishing industry and the beaches and associated small business related to supplying these industries. The annual Dragon Boat Race raises funds for Norfolk General Hospital. This annual infusion of $100,000+ has been greatly missed by the hospital during the past two years of healthcare cutbacks and no revenues from Silver Lake.

3. Ecological impact & biodiversity: This area is habitat to a broad range of native plants and aquatic species. These include but are not limited to: the Great Blue Heron, the Green Heron, box and painted turtles, snapping turtles, largemouth bass, white/silver bass, carp, and sunfish, wood ducks, butterflies, humming birds, wrens, geese, swans, otters, eagles, frogs – the list is endless. A provincially-designated “significant wetland” with a 200 year old fully developed eco system falls within our acreage which we collectively must protect.

4. Community Stakeholder impact: We believe in working collaboratively with all stakeholders. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Citizens
  2. Community organizations
  3. County, Provincial and Federal governments
  4. Local businesses
  5. Local operations of large businesses
  6. Provincial and Federal agencies having regulatory oversight for Silver Lake
  7. Provincial and Federal agencies with an interest in Silver Lake and our aspirations

We will actively solicit input and will create plans to incorporate input consistent with our vision wherever possible. If other interested parties wish to work with us to incorporate other uses for the Lake and are willing to work with us to access additional resources to implement their plans, we will gladly welcome their ideas and their assistance to build upon plans consistent with the vision and values of the project.

5. Self reliance & partnerships: We understand the need for innovation, hard work and looking at things differently in order to achieve outcomes. This is a project that will require more sources of support than from the local tax base. We will actively seek partnerships aligned with our vision and values as we move forward.

Dragon Boat Races - Raising Money for Charity!


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